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  • 500MB Ultra fast UK webspace
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  • 1GB Ultra fast UK webspace
  • 30GB Bandwidth
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • Includes site builder

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£249/ year
  • 1.5GB Ultra fast UK webspace
  • 45GB Bandwidth
  • 3 MySQL Databases
  • Includes site builder

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Raid Protected Disk

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  • SSL Certificates
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Nginx Website Hosting UK

At Nginx hosting we believe in top class customer service coupled with state of the art servers with the latest software, which is where Nginx comes into play. Our servers all run nginx & varnish. If you take a look at Pingdom or Google insights you will notice our site is faster than 97% of other sites online and thats purely because we run nginx and have a total redundant server setup.

Nginx Hosting

If you want the best then don't expect it to be dirt cheap. These days in the hosting world is not webspace or even bandwidth thats the issue, its all about the processing power and memory allocation that your website uses. We have huge storage arrays and the worlds fastest pipes, the bottlenecks come in the maximum amount of memory an nginx server can take. Nginx Hosting is becoming fast taking over the slower apache only hosting service which 99.9% of linux hosting companies offer, the other 0.1% who offer nginx don't run Varnish (Varnish basically copies your website to our servers memory so its ultra fast), that leaves us with a handful of hosting companies who know what they are doing when it comes to speed and the majority of those hosting companies are based in the states. Nginx Hosting is based in the UK. Nginx hosting is unrivalled when it comes to speed and stability so it was a no brainer for us to kit out our servers with this new (2009) technology. Some of the biggest sites on the internet choose nginx hosting, websites such as Youtube, Wordpress and Netflix to name a few. Nginx Hosting is based around a shared management system, that means that we obtain, install and manage all the elements of your hosting behind the scenes so you don't have to worry about a thing other than uploading your website.

Nginx Hosting Questions and Answers

Because we are early adopters of nginx technology we have setup a QANDA (questions and answers) website dedicated to answering all technical questions about nginx. Our nginx hosting questions and answers website is available at You might find that some hosting companies say yes we support nginx, so our advice is to run their site through pingdom tools or Google insights and see which site runs faster. If their website runs faster then, they may know what they are doing but will your website be put on the same server as theirs? We doubt it very much and 99.99% of the time our site speed will wipe the floor with any competitor of ours, not only that but we host our site on the same servers as our clients. We offer a full money back guarantee if your not happy. Run your site through pingdom, move over to us and run it again!! If your site is slower then send us a screenshot and we will give you your nginx hosting for free for 12 months.

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